Welcome to PIESL – Puvidham Institute of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Living.

We offer a 11 month residential program on Sustainable Living. Admissions open for 2017. Apply online or contact us for details.

No Exams, No Certificates!
Explore, Learn, Specialize!
Build your skills & Become an Entrepreneur !
Start a meaningful green business that will contribute to Immense Personal Satisfaction, Fair Livelihood & Sustainability of our Planet.

Candidates considering “break year” and Home Schoolers are also welcome to this program for interact with our resource team and partners.

Program Outline:

Month 1:
– Self Management and Sustainable Living Practices @ Puvidham
– Rs.20,000/- at the time of registration. (Non-Refundable).
– Stay at Puvidham
Month 2:
– TAKE A BREAK FOR ONE WEEK to Reflect, Introspect and Identify a partner institution.
– Get Trained at our partner institutions.
– Make a payment of Rs 20,000/-
– Stay at Partners Location
Month 3,4:
– Work at out partner institutions for skill development
– Stay at Partners location
Month 5:
– TAKE A BREAK FOR ONE WEEK to Reflect on experiences and identify area of specialization
– Make a payment of Rs 40,000/- at the time of returning
Month 6: 
– Immerse into chosen area of specialization and seek community guidance.
-Stay at Puvidham
Month 7:
– Get more training at our partners institutions in your field of specialization
– Stay at Puvidham/Partners Location
Month 8, 9:
– Work at out partner institutions at the management level to understand the nuances of running a green enterprise
– Stay at Puvidham/Partners Location
Month 10, 11:
– Build your portfolio, Business Plan, Funding and Make a beginning.
– Stay at Puvidham

A 11 Month Program to “Sustainable Living”


INR 80000* for the complete program
* 20000 on Registration (includes 1 month stay, food at puvidham)
* Balance in 2 installments
* Your lifestyle at every stage might attract sponsorship from our Good Business Investors/Partners

* Travel expeneses to partner institutions should be borne by the candidate


Our dream is about imagining a day, when every one on this planet is conscious of the bountiful resources, that our mother earth is blessed with and  acknowledges her grace of sustaining life on this rare planet in the whole universe, that we all are born into.

Our dream is about imagining a day, when people live on this loving planet treating her  with due respect, that she deserves and fully recognising that the future of all lives depend on how we use this bountiful resources that mother earth is offering us every day.

The five basic elements of this Gentle Planet – Pure Air, Water, Earth, Sky & Fire – We recognise that learning to keep these five elements as pure as possible is not a service, but a basic duty for each one of us to ensure that what we inherited from our elders is handed over to our children in a responsible way.

We are deeply saddened by the way the modern world is evolving(?) in the name of “Development” and We recognise the urgency with which we have to attempt a turn-around in the human consciousness to work towards sustainability for all lives on this planet.

PIESL is our humble attempt

towards this dream!

towards building a sustainable world for every one!

towards our duty to contribute what we could do to counter the growing menace of pollution in the cities.

towards creating a new wave of consciousness in the way we can live our lives on this lovely planet.

We think we can achieve this by supporting new breed of entrepreneurs to evolve, who are ethical & ecology conscious!

We want to contribute towards creating a paradigm shift in the way businesses are functioning worldwide!

PIESL is offering a 11 month residential program on “Sustainable Living”.

This course is to empower students who are keen to make a conscious living on this planet, as per above explained principles.

This course will facilitate self-driven learning by providing a resourceful environment with ample opportunities for grooming your personality and developing your skill sets towards green business opportunities in the world today.

To know more about the course structure, click here!


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