1. What is Sustainable Living?
Sustainable Living is about living in touch with the planet and using its precious resources in a way that life on this planet can sustain itself, ensuring a safe pollution free world for the upcoming generations and with mutual respect to all beings who are sharing our planet.
2. What is Sustainable Living – Green Business?
Sustainable Living – Green Business aim to move towards fairness conscious than merely being profit consciousness. It is about caring for the community and sharing what we produce with love and an aim towards sustainability for every one.
We wish to support entrepreneurs from ground up to follow sustainable practices.
3. What is Self-Driven Learning?
Self-Driven Learning is about having internal motivation towards learning. In most of the schools/colleges, learning is subject-driven or faculty-driven.
Self- Driven Learning is Student-Driven. The student takes responsibility for his/her learning and decides on the pace of learning, based on his/her interest.
Facilitators/Experts will be around to offer help when needed, but it is left to the student to decide what he does for his own learning.
However, Being involved with the community work to learn something new for each student every day during the stipulated hours is mandatory.
4. What can I expect to become at the end of this 11 month programme?
We don’t know…as it depends on you and your pace of learning. Our aim for you is to be market-ready having learnt few specialised skills along with your portfolio of the work done by you and with needed business acumen towards creating a sustainable world.
5. Why should I learn Sustainable Living?
To be a responsible and caring person in this world with enough skills to make a livelihood that can be deeply meaningful and satisfactory.
6. What is the scope for employment after this course?
This course is towards Entrepreneurship. So we expect you to be empowered to start a business on your own in your geography with the available resources. However, this depends much on you and your commitment/progress in the course. We ensure that you will have access to the needed resources (knowledge/skills/market opportunities) during the course.
7. Why there are no certificates issued after this course?
The whole idea of certification is driven by certifying bodies, who are very rigid with fixed curriculum and exam oriented learning. As we focus on self-driven learning, we expect you to be confident of your skills to attract the opportunities in the market. Your portfolios will take the place of your certificates. Hence your learning wouldn’t be limited to the syllabus and the certificate, but instead your learning grounded with the day to day realities and challenges of the market and at the same time, tailor made to your talents and interests.
So we need people who are ready to take responsibilty for themselves and their learning.
8. How will my learning/progress in the course be assessed during the course?
We will have facilitators and experts who will guide you. Their feedback on your work and character will be useful in assessing your learning or progress during the course.
9. How will I prove my skills to the outside world after this course?
The 3 months time that you spend  at the partner institution will give way to your skill and we expect you to document your work at the partner institution and prepare a portfolio for yourself. This portfolio will become your passport in proving your expertise to the outside world. We may extend the duration based on candidates requirement and partners recommendation.
10. Is the course-fee refundable, if I am not satisfied with the course?
The Registration fee of Rs.20,000/- is not refundable. The rest of the fee can be refunded after deduction of the charges for the period of your time at the course. This means the earlier you decide to walk out, the more money you can expect to be refunded.
Payment Timeline
Rs.20,000/- at the time of registration. (Non-Refundable)
Rs. 20,000/- in the second month of your course.
Rs. 40,000/- on the first day of the fifth month of your course.
11. When does this course start?
Admissions are open from 5th June 1027. Online application form.
We plan to start the course from Aug 2017 for this year.